Mobilising Private Sector Investment for NDCs

Posted September 1, 2017 at 09:07

The Center for Clean Air Policy has published a policy paper: Mobilising Private Sector Investment in Support of Nationally Determined Contributions on the current climate finance landscape and the opportunity of mobilising private sector finance for the implementation of developing countries’ NDCs.

Multilateral and bilateral financing institutions have developed a significant track record in mobilising private sector investment, including the direct financing of private sector climate activities. Accelerating private sector action in line with country goals will require building upon best practices, further learning-by-doing and addressing key gaps. Donor climate finance will have a keystone role to play in catalysing programmatic solutions. In so doing, it may be possible to bridge divides about private financing instruments and achieve greater consensus on some effective mobilisation approaches to accelerate climate action.

The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) engaged with partners, including national governments, representatives of private sector firms and financial institutions, the GCF, multilateral and bilateral finance institutions, and civil society experts, on key issues around effective engagement of the private sector to support climate action in line with NDCs. To further the conversation, CCAP brought these partners together for a one-day dialogue in May 2017. The dialogue helped to refine the issues identified by CCAP in a working draft of this paper, raised other ideas, and strengthened the ideas and recommendations presented here.

Photo: Andreas Gücklhorn

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