Rassemblement mondial sur les trajectoires de développement à long terme à faibles émissions de carbone
L’Accord de Paris sur le changement climatique invite les pays à communiquer leurs stratégies de développement à long terme sobre en carbone pour le mi- siècle, également appelées stratégies à
11:38 October 16, 2018
Blog: Global meeting on long-term low GHG Emissions and development strategies
The Paris Agreement on climate change invites countries to communicate mid-century long-term low GHG emissions development strategies – also known as the long-term strategies or next generation scenarios. A long-term
11:02 October 15, 2018
Webinar series: The Platform for Energy Access Knowledge
Power for All launched the Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK), a new interactive knowledge platform designed to curate, organize, synthesize and transform large, growing bodies of decentralized renewable energy
13:12 October 2, 2018
Scaling up mini-grids: How Nigeria learned from Ghana
In August 2018, a team of Nigerian mini-grids experts travelled to Ghana for an exchange to better understand how Ghana is scaling up its low carbon mini-grids program. We caught
08:02 September 28, 2018
Watch the webinar: Mini-Grids for Rural Electrification and Development: Enabling Effective Business Models through Well-Designed Policies
In this webinar, senior experts provided an overview of the diverse mini-grids policy, regulatory and legislative environments in Central, Eastern, and Western Africa. Project developers shared their experiences working within
11:16 September 5, 2018
Watch this webinar: Agroforestry and Low Carbon Development in Africa – Good Practices and Lessons Learned
The Agroforestry and Low Carbon Development webinar focused on good practices and lessons learned to support agroforestry in Africa by building on global experience in the context of LEDS. During
08:29 September 4, 2018
Emerging Results from the Africa LEDS Project
The Africa LEDS Project is helping African governments to plan and track the results of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) – their national commitments under the Paris climate agreement.
15:22 June 10, 2018
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