Waste & Energy Green Expo 2017


The sixth edition of Waste & Energy Green Expo seeks to promote sustainable development through sustainable waste management, utilisation of renewable energy and promotion of sustainable consumption. The 2017 Green Expo will give stakeholders and the general public an exclusive platform for practice knowledge sharing, interact and share industry best practices, in light of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2016 edition has made serious impact, evidenced by the fact that out of the 14 foreign delegates that attended the conference, 8 have already adopted the Integrated Solid Waste Management model being implemented by the host organisation (Zimbabwe Sunshine Group) in Zimbabwe in their respective countries.

The expo is an annual event organised by Zimbabwe Sunshine Group in partnership with Zimbabwe Agricultural Society and hosted at the Harare Show Grounds, in Zimbabwe.

Who should apply?

Application is open to everyone who is directly working or attached to an organisation that works in the field of Climate Change, Renewable Energy or Waste Management. The individual or organisation should have a desire or working towards becoming a centre of excellence for Climate Change Adaptation, Renewable Energy innovations or Sustainable Waste Management in their respective communities.

What is required to attend the conference or present a paper?

Write a motivational letter with not more than 500 words, detailing why your organisation or you want to participate or present a paper. Explain the impact you think you will make after attending the conference or impact of your presentation. Send your application letter to Shumurayi Shoko on zimsunshinecity@gmail.com

Cost of attending the conference?

For all foreign delegates, Zimbabwe Sunshine Group will cover all your accommodation, food and shuttle costs in Zimbabwe. The delegate is supposed to fundraise for their air fares and in-country costs related to the trip. The organisers, however can assist the delegate with any information of support letters to aid the fundraising efforts. All local delegates will pay $50 with the exception of conference speakers

Register online: africagreenexpo.info


Start date

November 30, 2017 00:00

End date

December 2, 2017 23:59



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