Africa Mini-grids Community of Practice

The Africa Mini-Grids Community of Practice (AMG-CoP) was convened by the Africa LEDS Partnership and the LEDS Global Partnership Energy Working Group in June 2017. The goal of the African Mini-Grids Community of Practice is to create a community of senior peers within African governments that can support each other in the design and implementation of policies and programmes aimed at accelerating energy access and rural development through the application of mini-grid power systems. Peer learning is supported by the engagement with leading regional and international experts and private-sector project developers.

The Community of Practice will be kept at approximately 20 -25 governmental decision-makers in order to create a dynamic, focused and trusted collaborative space. Currently 10 African countries are represented, with a technical lead and political decision maker from each country. Participants have been chosen from countries that are ambitious in making quick steps towards the implementation of mini-grids and are able to dedicate the necessary human and time resources to the initiative. Communities of Practice are driven by their country members, their demands, and their willingness to share experiences.

Africa LEDS Project

The Africa LEDS Partnership is collaborating with the European Commission, UN Environment Program, the LEDS Global Partnership (LEDS GP), and other partners to strengthen capacity for low emission development planning, modelling, and implementation in Africa. Africa LEDS Project activities with partners in Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, and DR Congo are focusing on laying the groundwork for successful LEDS  and NDC implementation through supporting stakeholder-driven LEDS planning processes. With partners in Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, and Zambia, efforts are focusing on LEDS modelling to provide strong analytical backing for LEDS and NDC implementation.

The Africa LEDS project is building on LEDS progress within these partner countries and strengthening existing in-country analytical capabilities to support implementation of impactful actions. As a key component, the initiative is also bringing together countries at the sub-regional and continent-wide level to share lessons and catalyse implementation of key climate actions. Through the sub-regional component, African countries within five regions (Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern, and Western Africa) are coming together to share lessons and solutions to key challenges related to design and implementation of LEDS and NDCs.  Please visit: for more information.

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