Webinar series: The Platform for Energy Access Knowledge

Posted October 2, 2018 at 13:12

Power for All launched the Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK), a new interactive knowledge platform designed to curate, organize, synthesize and transform large, growing bodies of decentralized renewable energy data into “digestible,” shareable and useable information. PEAK integrates a select portfolio of open-access applications that together facilitate the processing, sorting and cataloguing of relevant publicly available reports and data, to make synthesis easier for a broad user audience.

Power for All will be hosting webinars to demonstrate PEAK’s unique functionalities and how they can support your data needs. Our webinars are tailor-made for different user groups, so please register for the one that’s right for you! Webinars will be held from Wednesday 3rd October – Wednesday 10th October 2018. The webinars will include an introduction of PEAK, a tour of the site, instructions for annotating and importing documents, creating and saving visualizations and becoming a registered user.


Decentralized Renewable Energy Practitioners
Wednesday 3rd October 2018
3pm EAT/5:30pm IST/1pm CET/8am EST
Media, Academia and Researchers
Thursday 4th October 2018
5pm CET/ 12pm EST/9am PST
Energy Access Platforms
Tuesday 9th October 2018
3pm EAT/5:30pm IST/1pm CET/8am EST
Energy Access Policymakers and Funders
Wednesday 10th October 2018
5pm CET/ 12pm EST/9am PST

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