Watch this webinar: Agroforestry and Low Carbon Development in Africa – Good Practices and Lessons Learned

Posted September 4, 2018 at 08:29

The Agroforestry and Low Carbon Development webinar focused on good practices and lessons learned to support agroforestry in Africa by building on global experience in the context of LEDS. During the session, the AFOLU Working Group of the LEDS Global Partnership provided an overview of the adaptation and mitigation potential of agroforestry and a deep dive presentation from the lessons learned in Kenya. The session was concluded with discussions on key needs for agroforestry and related support.

This webinar took place on  August 30, 2018


Josh Ogada (SouthSouthNorth)
Introduction of the Africa LEDS Partnership and speakers

George Tarus (Kenya Forest Service)
Agroforestry and Low Carbon Development in Africa – Good Practices and Lessons Learned: The Case of Kenya
Download George’s presentation here

Felipe Casarim  (Winrock International)
Agroforestry: A path to climate change mitigation and adaptation
Download Felipe’s presentation here

As mentioned by Felipe during his presentation, please see the following links and on the state of the carbon market and the global forest GHG emissions database.

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