Webinar: Jobs and Economic Development Impact Assessment across the AFOLU and energy sectors – Adapting the I-JEDI model

Posted July 13, 2018 at 08:23

This second session of the Africa Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land use (AFOLU) Community of Practice focused on tailoring the International Jobs and Economic Development Impacts (I-JEDI) model to support economic and job impact assessment in the AFOLU sectors, as well as current capabilities for the energy sector.

The session first provided an introduction to socio-economic impact assessment in the region and then dived into the I-JEDI tool. A country presenter from the Africa LEDS project detailed ways the model is planned to be applied in a country-specific context. The session concluded with an interactive discussion on possible needs and interests, as well as experiences and lessons learned, related to I-JEDI and similar
tools in the region.

This session took place on Thursday, 28 June 2018. Watch the recording below:

Tim Reber (NREL)
Introduction, agenda and background
Download the presentation HERE

David Keyser (NREL)
Adapting the International Jobs and Economic Development Impacts (I-JEDI) Tool
Download the presentation HERE

Prof. Francis Yamba (CEEEZ)
I-JEDI Experiences in Zambia
Download the presentation HERE

All webinar Q&As were addressed during the session.

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