Africa LEDS Project Scoping Meeting in Kenya

Posted March 7, 2017 at 13:32

The Kenya modelling scoping meeting took place on 22nd February 2017 at the National Climate Change Resource Centre Amphitheatre, Nairobi Kenya. The objective of the meeting, designed as a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), was to clarify entry points for project intervention to ensure alignment with Kenya climate objectives & socio-economic priorities as stipulated in the NDCs & LEDS plans and the National Development blue print, the Kenya vision 2030 respectively.

The FGD involved an inclusive set of stakeholders needed to ensure modelling actions are most responsive to these Kenya priorities. Respectively it involved participation of modelling stakeholders drawn from government ministries (environment, agriculture, energy and lands); academia & research. These stakeholders presented on the country priority and state of modelling activities. The project technical team lead by UN Environment and comprising the LEDS GP/NREL & AfLP/ KNUST provided technical backstopping. The country stakeholders narrowed down scope of potential activities to those most reflective of the diverse country priorities. To this end, at the sectorial level, Kenya stakeholders prioritized clean energy and agriculture, lands & forestry (AFLOU). The modelling will complement developments in these sectors by providing the analytical framework to forecast carbon offset vis a vie jobs created and economic expansion actualized by alternate investment decisions in each of these sectors as well as their amalgamation. This will inform optimal policy decisions as Kenya progresses in implementing its vision 2030.

For more information, see the Africa LEDS Project website

Photo: Africa LEDS Project

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